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For Kinders:

NEW-Crystal Sun Catcher

     Create your own sun catcher using crystals. This promises to make something incredible to see!

NEW-Build a Catapult

      With a few simple supplies build a catapult that really launches.

NEW-Make Hot Ice

       Make instant ice that is warm to the touch but freezes!

Feeding Plants

      Can plants be fed different drinks other than water? Try this experiment to find out!


Rainbow Clouds

      Use this experiment to understand the weather and what happens when it rains.

Bubble Trouble

      Challenge your kids to try to make the biggest and smallest bubbles, to be able to pick bubbles up, and

      to try to get small objects inside a bubble

Make a cool device that can make sounds like a chicken!

Create a homemade glow in the dark ball out of an egg!

 Don't throw out those dried out markers, with a few simple steps you will have new art supplies.

Use your senses to explore pop rocks candy. 

Observe flowers change from plain white to your favorite brilliant colors.

Can you help our California Raisins dance?

Make a chemical reaction that will bubble in your mouth!

NOTE: Make sure your child doesn't have any allergies to ingredients listed.

Help your toy friends make it to the ground safely by building them a parachute. Happy landing!

Make extraordinary patterns with just regular milk.

Science activity where you transform a few common items from your kitchen into fake snow. To view written instructions for this project, see the "Foaming Fake Snow" science activity at Science Buddies:

This video features 10 experiments with water as one of the ingredients.

It's easy to make glowing bubbles. It's also simple to customize the color they glow. All you need is some bubble solution or liquid dish washing soap and any of several common glowing chemicals. The color of the bubbles depends on which chemical you choose.

Note: Working in an outdoor area is best. The craft can get a little messy!

This low-tech invisible ink science experiment lets kids send secret messages to friends and family. All they'll need is a little lemon juice or milk.

Show kids the importance of washing their hands while they learn about the surface tension of water.

Colorful Bubbles
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