Café Scientifique


Central Valley Café Scientifique resumes Monday, November 1st. This is a free event open to the whole family. Donations will go toward the cost of covering the program.

First Mondays

6PM Gate Opens: Dinner and drinks will be available for purchase while the playground will be accessible for the kids. 


7PM Program Begins: Presentation by speaker or panelists followed by an extended Q&A.


Regrowth After the Creek Fire

The topic of our first event will be regrowth following the Creek Fire with an expert panel. 


Dr. Alija Mujic, Biology, Fresno State

Dr. Rory Telemeco, Biology, Fresno State

Dr. Zhi Wang, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Fresno State


25 years of regrowth in Yellowstone following the 1988 “Summer of Fire.”  Image credit J. Klinger