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Café Scientifique - TBA

Saturday Science - How did galaxies start and change over time?

Saturday Science - Will DART do it?



Saturday Science

This week we will be learning about Galaxies! 

What are they?

What do they look like?

How are they formed?

How have they evolved?

Stop by any Saturday September 10th to learn the answer to these questions and MORE!

Saturday Science

DART - Double Asteroid Redirection Test

Do you think DART will be successful in redirecting asteroids? 

Stop by Saturday September 24-26 to learn more with this week-long exhibit.


Café Scientifique

Hear from local professionals and scientists about the newest climate science and legislation. 

Learn how you can help influence legislation regarding climate science.

Enjoy this monthly Fresno Discovery Center event with other local Fresnans.

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