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Melissa Telemeco

Executive Director 

Melissa states, "I love science, especially zoology (animals!). I had my dream 'college-kid' job working in the Education Department at the Oklahoma City Zoo. There, I realized how much I loved sharing my passion for science with others". 

After graduating with a BS in Science Education-Biology, Melissa taught science courses to grades 5-12, but she missed learning on her own, for herself. Melissa decided to go back to school for a Masters in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. While studying and conducting experiments, Melissa had participated in a program that taught scientists how to communicate science to the public (Portal to the Public) and enjoyed it so much that, after graduating, she began teaching other scientists full-time.

Melissa and her family moved to Fresno in late 2017, and she is currently teaching undergraduate classes and initiating a STEM outreach program at Fresno State. When she is not trying to teach others, she likes to talk science with her husband and friends, hike, read books with my 3 year old son, play with our 2 dogs, and build vivaria for frogs, lizards, or other creepy crawlies. 

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