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Deutsch Cactus Garden

"Cactus is the greatest manifestation of the struggle of life there is...."

-Fred Deutsch

The Deutsch Cactus Garden is an extraordinary garden filled with over 250 different types of cactus and succulents, ranging from the sphere shaped cactus called the Agave Victoria-Reginae to the long, white-haired, cucumber-like cactus known as the Cleistocactus strausii. The garden has lived at Fresno Discovery Center in Fresno, California since 1995, where it has been satisfying the needs of cactus aficionados, to curious children looking to explore the world of cactus and succulents ever since. So please, come by and walk down the trail to witness this marvelous world of exotic desert plants.

A few interesting facts about our garden:


  • The Deutsch Cactus Garden is 90 years old.

  • It spans a size of about one acre. 

  • The late Fred Deutsch created the garden in the backyard of his Fig Garden home over many years starting in 1930. 

  • Fred Deutsch and his wife Perle collected the cacti through their travels from places like Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California.

Admission included with your Fresno Discovery Center ticket. You can purchase your tickets in advance or at the gate.

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