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Registration is open for our in-person Spring BREAK Camp! 

Ever wonder why eggs don't crack when their mom sits on them?

How do engineers make the bridges we drive on so strong?

Ages 6-12 can come find out and try their hand at designing breakable and break-resistant contraptions.

Spring Break Camp.png

Click HERE to Register
for our in-person spring BREAK camp!

Or Email Us to sponsor a scholarship


“My child was so engaged and excited! He’s looking forward to next summer.”

                                                                                 S. Washington, Clovis, CA

“The staff was kind and thoughtful. My children had lots of fun!”

                                                                                        C. Alvarez, Fresno, CA

“My child was enrolled in all 5 weeks and we loved the variety of themes and activities she was able to participate in.”

                                                                                         R. Woods, Fresno, CA

Camp FAQ

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