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Come Explore!

Where science is kid's play!

Fresno Discovery Center is a science center for the mind where visitors of all ages can discover, explore and create. We invite you to peruse our upcoming schedule and plan a special day with us.

Fresno Discovery Center

Our Center exhibits highlight Fresno culture and have been designed to nurture visitors scientific imaginations, build their confidence, competence, and encourage them to test, tinker, create, and wonder! Our exhibit philosophy responds to a persons need to learn through concrete interactions — touching, exploring, manipulating , experimenting and hands-on learning.

The Park

The Park is 5 1/2 acres of grassy meadow,  tortoise habitat, cactus garden and  includes several picnic tables, restrooms, and many green areas for families to enjoy.

Deutsch Cactus Garden

The Deutsch Cactus Garden is an extraordinary garden filled with over 250 different types of cactus and succulents. The garden has lived at The Fresno Discovery Center in Fresno, California since 1995, where it has been satisfying the needs of cactus aficionados, to curious children looking to explore the world of cactus and succulents ever since. Enjoy a walk down the trail to witness this marvelous world of exotic desert plants.

Art Gallery
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